Quality Time with Quality people.


Last Friday, the Quality team had the unusual team building at SMDC Wind Residences residential condo in Tagaytay City.  Since most of us are female and only one male in the group, we planned to have a Pajama party rather than the typical swimming and outdoor team building activities. I guess, one of the how to adult lists is to have quality time in a nice and relaxing place than to go out party and booze.

The team had so much for the past weeks and we deserve a night to bond, chill, eat, drink, watch movies and so on.

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Sunday at Sizzlin’ Steak.

So much of being back and keeping this blog updated! Can’t believe it’s almost the end of September and I haven’t got any post for the month. Sad. Oh well, t’was been hell of a week and I think I deserve a day to spend with loved ones, eat good food and have chitchats on the side.

Light and I planned things a lot but when the day comes, randomness and spontaneity kick in. When it comes to food, we love eating though it’s not obvious with our body types. He’s ectomorph and I’m mesomorph. We like to discover low end to high end restaurants or food chains to check how their food tastes like, the ambiance and the service as well. We aren’t stingy when it comes to eating but sometimes, no, it already happened to us, when we spent for a price of 3-4 persons and we’re just only two and the food wasn’t worth it. Lessons learned.

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Of change and soliloquy.

As the saying goes, the only permanent thing in this world is change.

Like death, it is inevitable. Everything under the sun changes, whether it has a life or not, eventually it will. Season changes, fashion changes, wind direction changes, especially human beings.

A person can change of her own will for she is born to live the life she wanted to. Aren’t we all? She will change because she is alive, growing, exploring and learning. She is not limited to pick what is only offered on the table nor forced to join the trend when she can think out of the box, be unique and have her own preferences, whether it’s a book, haircut or ice cream flavor. Continue reading “Of change and soliloquy.”

Raise D’Roof: Bubble Run 2016 5k.



The event was hosted by Affinitea Race and was held yesterday, July 24 at SM Mall of Asia, By the Bay. Originally, the location should be at CCP Complex, Pasay City but days before the run, it was altered.

A fun and exciting way to bond with family and friends, most especially, to help those who are in need, since proceeds will go to the kids of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal. This is what we love about running, we just don’t get fit but to extend our helping hands in our own little way.

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Peps’birthday at Onboard Game + Gastro Pub.

The perfect place to celebrate special occasions, like birthday with the entire family and friends. It is open from 4pm to 12midnight and is located at Level 1, Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, Makati City.

The casual dining restaurant is known for its friendly and accommodating space to enjoy variety of board games to play and good foods to enjoy.



The family is eye-ing to take parties to the next level with adventure, excitement and fun not only with the menu but also for a place that everyone, young or old, especially Peps’ who turned a year older, can savor moments of still being a kid at heart 🙂

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Father’s Day at Bistro Remedios.

Our fathers.. papa, dad, daddy, pop or whatever it is that we call them, will be our everything rolled into one. Like superheroes, always protecting and guiding, always sacrificing and giving, the only differences are, they don’t have powers but with super strength to work and provide, don’t have the ability to fly and be recognized by the world but chooses to have their feet on the ground and remain unseen, don’t have costumes but wears a heart that genuinely cares and loves ❤

Papa works for more than two decades as a seafarer and because he’s out of the country as of the moment because of his job, we celebrated the day to honor their fatherhood with my family and few relatives.


We had lunch at Bistro Remedios at 1911 M. Adriatic street, Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila which ranked number 10 out of hundreds of restaurants in Manila as of Trip Advisor so it’s really a must see and try.

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