Thank you <3


This is the 2nd pair of shoes given as a surprise gift by HIM.

The 1st one is a Nike Air Futurun 2 given on my 23rd birthday and here’s the Converse All Star Black Monochrome Low Top that I just really, really, really loooooove ❤

I remember when my father used to buy me tons of shoes here and abroad. I never got out of style from boots, flats, sneakers to strappy sandals but that was when I was still young 🙂 Now that I am toiling my own soil, I am no longer receiving big gifts from the parentals or other people whether it’s my birthday, Christmas or so and it’s okay. Of course, tables turned 🙂 The best thing I learned about working is being wise of your own harvest. You buy things that you “need” and it takes 1,000 times of decision making before buying the “want“.

This Christmas, I know this pair of shoes isn’t listed as one my wishes because it’s been a must buy for me since when I was in high school. ( See guys? It’s been a want since then. I already have my job but I can’t buy it because there will always be more important things than this 🙂 ) Yeah, you read that right. SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. The Converse days! ( Now, I’m feeling nostalgic )  Then Light came, he knew things I like, I want, I love and sometimes what I need. Everytime that we pass the shoes section when shopping or just strolling around, I’d always end up visiting Converse section/stores and look for this Black monochrome pair. I’d always say, “It’s so pretty that I’ll buy one of these days.” and he’ll tell me, “Go get your size then we’ll buy it.” ( He’s my very opposite. He always tells me that money is destined to be spent because you can’t eat, drink, wear money itself. He has a point though. Haha! ) On the contrary, I’ll just reply “There’s always next time” ( Maybe I’m just stingy. What do you think? ) and I don’t think that it’s up to him if he buy me instead because we both have jobs and I don’t want him to do that as well because I still can, I am still able 🙂

Then maybe he can’t resist it, he gave me one and here’s how it went:

We’re at the mall, buying gifts for my godchildren. We parted ways because I’ll be looking stuff in kids’ section and told him to do things on his own. since I know he’ll got bored. He said he’ll just walk around not knowing that he’ll go to women’s shoes section. After choosing gifts, I texted him since I’m ready to pay, he replied that that he’ll just go to the restroom. Light made me wait for like 15-20 minutes. Ugh. Haha! Then we proceed in gift wrapping section then went to the car after and here’s the conversation:

Light: Kailan ka maglilinis ng kotse?

Jen: Baka sa off. Di ko sure baka gamitin kasi ni papa.

That was it. Then come next day .

Light: Binuksan mo na ba yung likod ng kotse?

JenHindi pa. Bakit naman?

Light: Wala.

Jen: Bakit nga? Anong meroooon?!

Light: Wala baka makita mo yung gusto mong sapatos.

Jen: Weh? Imbentoooo!!! (Ngiting aso)

Light: Joke lang. (Natawa ng pang-asar)

Jen: Epal to! (Pabebe na slight)

Light: Wag mo bubuksan baka may makita ka.

Jen: Baliw to. Papansin. (Pabebe ulit)

Light: Buksan mo para may makita ka. (Di na nakatiis)

Then I opened the car trunk and found a box wrapped in glimmering gold paper with red ribbon. I knew it was my all time dream shoes. ( Over? Hahaha! ) I just cried and told him not to spend his money because I just don’t want him to but I am so happy. Light is so thoughtful and sweet. Thank you ❤

P.S. Kaya pala tinatanong mo ako kung kailan ako maglilinis ng kotse. Alam ko may gusto ka in return. Bluetooth earphones ba? HAHA.



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