My Hair Stories.


A lady’s hair is her crowning glory.” – Jeannette Walls

As promised, I will share how my hair went through the years. I’ve been rocking short hair for four years now because, I don’t know, I feel prettiest when I wear my hair short or shorter or even, shortest 🙂

To most girls, they prefer longer hair because, primarily, you can do a lot of hairstyle with it, whether it’s straight, wavy or curly. To some, they just really feel beautiful having it. To others, maybe they really cannot pull off that “short hair” look. I guess I’m lucky then? 🙂 Since I have a small built with oval shaped face, we’re not limited to any hairstyle compared to other face shapes. Some people would also tell me that I have a small face and short hair really suits me well.

Honestly, I really don’t envy girls with long locks since we all have our own hair preferences on what makes us happy, beautiful and comfortable. As long as you can carry yourself, then so be it. There are reasons why I love having having short hair too:

  1. Combing is the least priority. Let me confess that I don’t really comb my hair for 24/7 even after taking a bath or whatnot, I just don’t. I even don’t have a brush or comb in my bag though I have a wide toothed comb in my room but I rarely use it, like it’ll be a surprise if you see me groom my hair with it. Nyay? Haha. I don’t know. I’m just not a fan. My hair isn’t really frizzy and not experiencing hair breakage nor hair loss. I’d love to run my fingers through it instead.
  2. Showering is much faster and easier. I’d love the continuous *swoooosh* *swoooosh* sound of water after putting on shampoo and conditioner. No more extra minutes to wash it. No more extra minutes to untagle it.
  3. Version II of one’s self. It makes me a new person. I’m feeling more confident, more beautiful and sexier. Plus, it gives freedom to my neck and nape and it highlights my favorite facial feature, my cheek bones.

Let’s go into details about my different hairstyles all picked by me. Thanks to Izzy and Barbie, my favorite hair cutters since then. I’ll just show them a picture of the style I want and the rest, is magic in their hands..

  • Mid length hair. This was my graduation picture in a casual set up back in 2012. I opted to have my hair long though it’s not really loooooong, so I’ll look good in pictorials.


  • Apple hairstyle. The day after my graduation, I was brave enough to cut my hair short because of this story: I was a member of a dance group in college and long hair is preferred for styling purposes. Due to ironing, curling, hairspray, gel, etc,.. my hair got dried and messed up. It badly needed an ultimate fix so I also decided to cut it’s damaged ends.


  • Square bob cut with side bangs. This was taken in El Nido, Palawan last November 2012. Imagine, after several months, I took another leap of trying a new style and this was my favorite look of all time.


  • Asymmetrical haircut. I also call it the “Frankie Sandford“hair. This was the boldest hairstyle I’ve ever had.  T’was quite difficult to maintain since the other side grows longer than the other. Hehe. *Hello to our adorable rottweiler, Lennon 🙂


  • Pixie cut. Had this hair last June or July 2016, I think? And it already grew out that the ends are already past my shoulder.


I haven’t cut my hair for almost 9 months now and it’s growing really bad. It’s in an awkward stage and I don’t want to post my recent look. Haha! This year, I promised to grow my hair out yet promises are meant to be broken… Ugh. I said I’ll try but when I’m seeing short hairstyles that are really , really awesomely beautiful, I can’t help but dare myself to try it. It seems that I’m no longer used to have long hair. What you think? 🙂

Another is, my birthday is next week so I badly want a new do. Pft.

Lemme’ see. Lemme’ think. *wink*


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